Inspired by René Magritte’s painting The Listening Room (1957) and built on the UMONS / numediart‘s LoopJam, Christian Frisson‘s “The Listening Room” is an interactive, collaborative composition that will continuously unfold in the foyer of ISIB throughout KISS2013 (12-15 September 2013) in Brussels.

Utilizing collections of sound clips contributed by the Kyma Community, LoopJam will create a two-dimensional sound map based on timbral similarity as distance. Throughout the conference, visitors (tracked by a Kinect camera) can interact with the space in a fluid and playful way, creating a continuous collaborative composition.

The Listening Room: René Magritte (1952)

What would we like from you?

We invite you to participate in this collaborative composition by contributing a Kyma-generated, Magritte-inspired bouclothèque (explanation below) built by you! While your sound-library (your bouclothèque) is playing in The Listening Room, a banner at the bottom of the screen will display your name, web site, and optional photo. So it’s a great way to publicize your signature sound!

What is a Kyma/Magritte bouclothèque?

  • A collection of about 50 loops
  • Each loop (4-20″ each) has homogeneous content (if pitch-based and instrumental, they should be monophonic)
  • If your loops are rhythmic, please include the BPM in the name of the file
  • If your loops are significantly beat-based, a .wav file with an ACID header(tempo, key, type (loop or one-shot)) is preferred. If that’s not possible, please include the BPM as part of the name of each file.
  • The following formats are supported: aif, aiff, flac, ogg, wav.
  • The bouclothèques should be synthesized & processed entirely in Kyma
  • (If you incorporate any samples, please ensure that they are freely available under the Creative Commons license)
  • The bouclothèques should be inspired (and named) by one of the works of René Magritte

How to submit Sounds

  • ASAP: Submitting a proposal is easy! You just give your name, contact information, and the name of the painting that inspires you! Click here to make your proposal.
  • Once your proposal is accepted, your completed bouclothéque must be received before 1 September 2013
  • The number of participants is limited, so please send your initial proposal early.

The new and improved version of LoopJam was designed by researchers from the numediart Institute at the University of Mons: Christian Frisson, Stéphane Dupont, Fabien Grisard, Thierry Ravet, Xavier Siebert and Thierry Dutoit.