KISS2013 organizers Rudi Giot and Jacques Tichon and their students at the ISIB have some special events in store for KISS2013 in Brussels, including:


InterFaceOff is a reality-TV-style competition in which teams of musicians and industrial engineers will each create a new performance interface in just four days during KISS2013!

In partnership with, Rudi Giot and his courageous team of industrial engineering students at ISIB have been hard at work extending Skemmi: the universal interface builder.  At this point, they are so confident that they can interface anything to Kyma, that they have issued the the InterFaceOff challenge to all Kyma users.  Come to KISS2013 with whatever you want to use as a controller, and you will leave with your own Kyma performance interface.  You may even be ready to perform your new instrument in the final concert.  These guys are that good!

Annette Vande Gorne & the Acousmonium

KISS2013 attendees will have a unique opportunity to learn more about live spatialization and the music of Belgian composer Annette Vande Gorne (Musique et Recherches) in a special pre-conference keynote.

The Listening Room

Based on LoopJam by the UMONS / numediart Institute, Christian Frisson‘s The Listening Room is an interactive, collaborative composition that will be continuously unfolding in the foyer of ISIB throughout KISS2013 (12-15 September 2013) in Brussels. Utilizing collections of sound clips contributed by the Kyma Community, LoopJam will create a two-dimensional sound map based on timbral similarity or resemblance as distance. Throughout the conference, visitors (tracked by a Kinect camera) can interact with the space in a fluid and playful way, creating a continuous collaborative composition.

Hands-on INTER faces sessions

Get up close and personal with hardware and software interfacing tools including Open Interface and Skemmi (the universal Open Sound Control interface builder), Soft Kinetic CamerasInterface-Z sensor kitsTobii eye trackers, Reactable on a Microsoft Surface, Raspberry Pis, Dynamixel, SoftKinetic, Microsoft Kinect, and more!

Live Spatialization & a 70+ Speaker Acousmonium

Concerts featuring performances of live Kyma pieces will be spatialized live by spatialisateurs (aka Loudspeaker Orchestra Conductors) from Musique et Recherches using a 70+ speaker Acousmonium installed at Espace Senghor.

Watch this page for more details and announcements!